"We as of late made a refined specialized reaction."

With a video portrayal that peruses basically as "an update from the PUBG group working off-camera to react to miscreants and unapproved applications", the four-minute video subtleties a portion of the robotized governing rules PUBG Corp. has set up, just as stresses the significance of client details.

"We're continually searching for approaches to give the best ongoing interaction experience we can for our locale," said Dohyung Lee, leader of PUBG's enemy of cheat unit.

"The Anti-Cheat Unit distinguishes suspicious player conduct through player reports and our inner frameworks," included Wonha Ryu, hostile to swindle activity supervisor. "At the point when we discover something, we audit the related logs get the hack instrument or gadget utilized and start our examination. The Analysis Team and Engineering Team break down the hack device and start building up a reaction rationale."

In the event that all sounds somewhat dubious and vague, it's purposeful; so as to keep one stage in front of the miscreants, PUBG stays quiet about the subtleties of its strategies. It did, notwithstanding, uncover that it utilizes its frameworks to find outsider hacking instruments and afterwards creates approaches to counter them (just as prohibiting the miscreants, obviously). It's likewise using AI with the goal that it can examine cheat guarantees quicker. "Cheat designers will consistently develop their methods to attempt to get around our own," recognized Dongwan Kim, an enemy of cheat engineer. "So we as of late made a refined specialized reaction that makes it increasingly hard for guilty parties to create illicit projects, for example, encryption of pointer and memory, virtualisation of codes, segment mixes, and that's just the beginning."