Hi, PUBG players,

As a feature of our pledge to update you as often as possible on our enemy of cheat arrangements, we needed to give you a snappy update on what we've been doing the most recent couple of months. There's a ton underway on the counter cheat front and keeping in mind that we can't get into points of interest on everything, as doing as such could really hurt advancement, we needed to go over a couple of classes to demonstrate where we're at and where we expect to go.

Fortification of Technical Measures

Improvement of Anti-cheat Solutions

Unapproved Program Detection Improvements

Tending to Vulnerabilities in the Steam System

Expanded Legal Action

Fortification of Technical Measures

There have been different kinds of assaults made by cheat programs over PUBG's lifetime, and keeping in mind that we have made a move and added numerous safety efforts to improve proficiency and react to each sort of assault, this will dependably be a ceaseless fight. To start with, how about we go over how these cheat programs work as a rule and the specialized support we've have made dependent on this.

At the point when a cheat program (exe) and the amusement (ex) dispatch, significant information loads onto framework RAM at the same time.

Default insurance from the amusement procedure or an outsider enemy of cheat arrangement gets initiated.

This is a fundamental assurance stage to square different procedures from getting to this procedure.

The cheat program process endeavours to make the insurance innovation from #2 incapable and effectively access the amusement procedure memory.

Having the option to get to memory implies having the option to change amusement related data.

The most famous cheats utilized for this are DKOM, Process Hollowing and SSDT snaring.

The cheat program with amusement process memory access can gather different information and alter or duplicate it to give unlawful highlights that are not given in the diversion. The most agent method utilized here is DLL infusion and Code infusion.

DLL infusion: Injects the DLL document to a specific procedure. Utilizations LoadLibrary() API from Windows.

Code infusion: Injects execution in the objective procedure. Utilizations CreateRemoteThread() from Windows.

Memory space got can be perused uninhibitedly or misrepresented/adjusted to give includes that are not really given in-amusement.

DLL infusion is the most seasoned and most generally utilized hack strategy. DLL infusion puts a certain DLL document into the amusement procedure compellingly. At the point when this assault is done effectively, this DLL code will be trusted as though it is the first amusement code. Thus, the diversion procedure can be adjusted as the programmer needs by utilizing this DLL for guiding into and capturing information.

Blocking DLL infusion assaults has been a high need for the counter cheat group. In the early improvement period of PUBG, there were additionally similarity issues where projects, for example, Steam and Discord were inaccurately perceived as endeavouring to infuse DLLs or had DLLs perceived as malignant code.

Bit driver assaults are another sort of hack we've encountered. Portion driver is a record required for correspondence among equipment and concocts a procedure that works under a specific specialist. As the bit driver can sidestep most enemy of cheat arrangements and is executed with a specialist higher than the general client expert, it is considerably more hard to distinguish.

What's more, notwithstanding Windows OS blocking unapproved part driver inside, there are numerous situations where unapproved piece drivers are sold as though they are legitimate by abusing security breaks and wrongfully exchanged testaments.

We could guard against this kind of assault utilizing a similar strategy used to square DLL infusions, yet it would not be compelling in light of the fact that new vulnerabilities in the Windows OS are continually being found, and most enemies of cheat arrangements utilize techniques like those utilized by dangerous code, which means it is hard to reveal to them separated. The counter cheat group consequently is presently securing the memory territory, which can be mishandled by programmers, with the most astounding need utilizing encryption to viably react to assaults utilizing bit drivers, and is doing its best to apply this technique to a more extensive extent of territories.

We are likewise fortifying different specialized reactions by scrambling the correspondence convention between the customer and server or re-confirming the outcome esteem in the customer, for instance, so we can remain ahead in our battle against hack programs.

Improvement of Anti-cheat Solutions

Notwithstanding the specialized security clarified above, PUBG likewise uses the outer enemy of cheating answers to ensuring the diversion procedure zone. As recently declared by means of public statements, and so on., we as of now utilize two enemies of cheat arrangements: BattlEye and Uncheater. They ensure the amusement procedure region and recognize different endeavours used to go around the counter cheat arrangement in the meantime.

Over this defensive enemy of cheat arrangements, we have likewise connected an AI procedure that investigates our players' use designs and have fabricated a framework that can identify strange amusement examples or activities that intrude on the ordinary tasks of the diversion originating from hack clients. During the time spent structure these frameworks, we teamed up with various experienced enemy of cheat arrangement organizations and top-level architects, which has helped us reinforce our diversion's security.

We will keep on working with increasingly hostile to swindle arrangement organizations to think about new assault strategies and create innovation that can secure against these assaults.

Unapproved Program Detection Improvements

Indeed, even with the different securities we've set up, it is for all intents and purposes difficult to obstruct every single unapproved program. For hack programs that endeavour to circumvent our answers, we are as of now attempting to recognize whether such projects are utilized in-diversion and have them blocked immediately.

The counter cheat group investigates around 3TB of amusement logs, 60 or so kinds of cheat logs, and more than 10 million reports by and large once a day. Out of this ocean of information, we select clients who show anomalous examples and after a check procedure, such records are prohibited. Likewise, we intermittently update examples of unapproved projects to guarantee programs we've hindered before haven't been adjusted to work once more.

In the meantime as the majority of this, we're endeavouring to improve our techniques for sharing relative updates to our clients. One precedent is the report input framework which was presented in the August 23rd update. Since this was actualized, more than 100 million reports have been sent to clients. 83% of clients that got numerous reports in a solitary session were for all time-restricted, so in the event that anybody ever figures their report doesn't make a difference, your reports are going far towards a reasonable battleground.

Underneath demonstrates the week after week report criticism information from August 23rd to November 30th.

On the subject of equipment bans, we started these back on November nineteenth. This is a delicate technique for forbidding, so we play it safe to guarantee that PC bistros or open PCs are not affected unjustifiably. We are in all respects cautiously choosing which machines are to be restricted so as to keep guiltless PCs from being hit. At the point when an equipment boycott is played out, the message appeared in the screen capture beneath will spring up and that bit of equipment won't almost certainly play PUBG any longer. Close by equipment bans, we likewise began to boycott large scale mice. The arrangement is to grow this push to all gadgets to avoid the unreasonable favourable position of utilizing full-scale gadgets.

<Hardware boycott message(above)/Macro mouse boycott message(below)>

We presently have more than 100 individuals checking the spots that sell these hacks (sites, flag-bearers, conflict and so on.) everywhere throughout the world all day, every day. The different people group that trade data on hack programs are additionally being observed intently so any components that compromise PUBG's security can be recognized and managed as fast as would be prudent.

The ultimate objective is to increase preemptive activity so these programmers are never again dynamic inside the amusement.

We likewise as of late included a framework message that sends ongoing alarms to players in a diversion in the event that somebody from a similar session is restricted. At whatever point an unusual ongoing interaction design is distinguished progressively or a client is demonstrated to be a programmer mid amusement, that record will be prohibited as the diversion is as yet going on and declared to every other player in the execute feed.

Tending to Vulnerabilities in the Steam System

Notwithstanding the techniques connected inside the diversion, we have likewise improved vulnerabilities in outside stages. As you most likely are aware, PUBG utilizes the Steam stage. There were cases where some shaky areas in the stage were abused for illegal addition, and we enhanced this with Steam and tended to the vulnerabilities so hack program clients would be rebuffed according to typical methodology. The following are a few instances of real examples.

Utilizing a frail point in the Steam Family Sharing framework to go around Steam and PUBG's limitations

On the off chance that a record that acquired PUBG utilized Family Sharing to impart the amusement to a record that didn't buy PUBG, the record that the diversion was imparted to can never again play the diversion.

Messing with the amusement's recess on Steam to meet Steam's base discount prerequisites and discounting the diversion in spite of having played it for an extensive stretch of time, therefore playing the diversion for nothing out of pocket

We worked with Valve (Steam) to strengthen their PUBG recess count technique and Steam client programming discount necessities to prevent this from happening once more.

Utilizing a record that was prohibited on the Live Server to get to the Test Server and use hacks, mishandling the way that the Beta and Test Servers are viewed as in isolated situations because of the manner in which the Steam stage is organized

We have changed the framework so boycott records are currently checked over all servers. Boycott records are presently shared among the Live Server, Test Server, and different servers with the goal that a player prohibited on one server can't utilize different servers also.

We are constantly improving the framework through close collaboration with Steam again