AFK Mode: Simple BP Farming 

Cultivating of fight focuses can likewise be accomplished by doing nothing i.e, by going AFK (Away from Keyboard).

A player may essentially pick a protected spot in the guide and lay there planning to keep going for some time. By being inert and doing nothing the player aggregates the essential in-diversion fight focuses in addition to the additional ones dependent on survival positioning.

In spite of the fact that this is to a lesser degree a hack and even more a trap to get fight focuses without really investing hours playing the diversion, this issue was tended to by the PUBG maker himself as the 'idler issue' and a trap that can be utilized without the dread of getting prohibited.


With this straightforward trap of AFK, a significant number of programmers have thought of a Bot that will cultivate fight focuses for you consequently.

There are different forms and codes accessible on the web (a portion of those that have been suspended).

The essential thought is to compose code to move the player arbitrarily at some interim and make them auto bounce when the plane touches base on the guide or make them swim when submerged.

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This expands the odds of survival as AFK and subsequently going about as a bot.


A touch of speed can spare all of us.

There have been numerous posts in the PUBG people group that players guarantee to have seen different players sunning quicker than expected.

This can be accomplished by a speed hack, a basic adjustment in the code to improve the speed of the player.

All things considered, the counter cheat can identify this slight adjustment of code yet on the off chance that you need to have a go at, expanding the speed by portion so you are not gotten.

The procedure is straightforward to uncover code of PUBG, change estimations of presets to outbound bundles, sending parcels quicker than expected, the throttle time span to guarantee longer bounces and evolving shot.

Attempt on the off chance that you should yet don't get yourself restricted!